The leader’s job is to engage and lead the team to victory. The method of accomplishing this task is simple – constant communication. All great leaders and sports captains have this quality to both stay connected with their teams and also allow their teams to connect with the leader.

Here are some methods by which you develop the habit of constant communication & engagement.

  1. Formal weekly check in call – Set up time with each of your key team members to have a check in call. Check how they are doing, what parts of their role are working well, what areas are they feeling challenged and what support are they looking for. 15 minutes should be sufficient to do this. You can extend it to 30 minutes if you need it.
  1. Lunch or Coffee or drinks – invite your team members at every possible occasion to connect face to face or if not feasible do so virtually. Do a check in to assess their life, family, feelings and any issues they may be facing. Ask questions. Listen.
  1. Recognition – There are a million ways to recognize your teams – awards, trophies, certiciates, cash. One rule applies to them all – do so publicly. Organise a short call or meeting to celebrate a milestone and recognize all those responsible. 
  1. Informal Call – Whenever an idea or an issue pops up call the respective person in your team or do a short huddle face to face with them. Do this as often as you feel the need to and invite your team to do the same. 
  1. Respond – Respond to calls and emails from your team mates with speed. Prioritise calls for support to show that you care and you understand the issues they may be facing.

How often is often ? Never enough. Even a short daily conversation can motivate your teams, make them feel heard, create a culture of high support, encourage honesty and candor all around and create a culture of deep collaboration.

Make your team members feel that when they play the game of work their coach (you) are right next to them, watching, listening, responding to their requests and are constantly helping them with ideas to win. You are also there when the chips are down and things look tough.

The leader is constantly communicating with the teams. This never stops. This never slows. This is the secret that turns strategy into action and creates a highly engaged and motivated team.

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