In world war 2 there was a dire shortage of planes, tanks and pilots to fight the germans. The US government tasked a small group of military men to fast track production. They converted all steel and automobile factories into plane and tank factories. Soon planes were rolling out at the speed of 100s a day.


However the issue was pilots !! it takes years to train pilots and soon many young trainee pilots started crashing as they couldn’t learn the complexities of planes so fast.

Then a small team started analysing the accidents and issues and soon came upon the idea of a “CHECKLIST”  – a list of steps to be checked or done before one can fly, during the flight and while landing. 

Soon accidents dropped dramatically. Even today all airline pilots use a version of that original checklist and airplanes are one of the most safe forms of transport in the world.

Whats the lesson for us ?

All the things that matter to us in life can be done better faster and more efficiently if we CHECKLIST IT.

We can divide the checklist into the top areas that matter to you – 

Health. Kids. Spouse. Work & Team. Wealth. etc – You can have 3-5 such areas in your life. You can always add more but 3-5 is ideal. You can add personal projects and hobbies here that you have been especially keen to pursue.

In each now put down the specific actions that you need to do regularly ( eg daily or weekly or monthly). For instance –


Jan 1

Jan 2….

  • Daily Run
  • 30 Push Ups
  • Fast 1x a week

Now every week or everyday spend 10 minutes of your day to checklist it. Mark TICK where you took the action or cross it where you did not. Use green and red colours if you prefer.

You will see in a few weeks some areas progressing well and many areas where you are far behind your plans.

This recognition will cause you to pivot your time, your priorities and your focus.

You will start to work to important and find space for things that matter but you did not prioritise so far.

You will remember to buy gifts for birthdays that matter, go for that long run you have been aching for and plan what really matters in your day to day.

Checklist It. It’s a simple and effective strategy.


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