There are a million ways to make a to do list. There are a million ways to not complete the tasks on the to do list. To do lists can be boring or intimidating taking a life of their own.

How do we keep it simple, fun and effective. Use the bubble chart method to make a to do list.

Everyday when you wake up take 5 minutes to plan out your day. You probably have some calls, meetings and errands that you are aware of. Ask yourself – what is my M.E.A.T. – Most Effective Action Today ? What is the most important action I need to take today that will make the maximum difference to me and others ?

Now make a simple bubble chart diagram with each bubble representing one activity that you want to do today. The bubbles will appear over your page in the order of what you want to do. In between various tasks you can insert “leisure bubbles” when you want to rest, read or do something else. 

Here is what a bubble chart might look like for today for me

I start the day with meditation followed by writing and studying. Then time spent resting, exercising and a breakfast meal with my wife. Then an intense work day with multiple meetings and analysis to be done. In between are family tasks such as calling my mother and the day ends with another meal with my wife. Marked in red is my M.E.A.T. 

This will vary everyday and can have work & leisure all integrated into one. 

As you go through the day and complete the tasks cross the bubble out as having been completed. 

Why is this method more useful than a mere list ?

The bubbles capture the idea of sequence, time and priority. They see the reality of the regular tasks that you need to do like meals, preparing the kids for school or other errands. They limit how many things we can aim to attempt in a day and ensure our M.E.A.T finds quality time. The bubbles allow you to insert small breaks and fun activities in between.

Make each day special and make every moment count. Fill it with bubbles of what matters the most and what you enjoy the most.

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