In order to make a rowboat move you need a captain who gives instructions and directions and you have rowers who need to pull the oars and propel the boat with human power. To be an effective leader it is super important to know how to row and learn how to do it oneself.

Every organisation similarly depends on rowers to drive results and executions. 

Rowers row. 

Rowers execute. 

Rowers deliver.

Rowers do the work. How can you be a rower in your organisation ?

  1. Take on more – Ask for additional responsibilities. An additional work area. Expanded sales responsibility. The opportunity to lead a new project that is starting up.
  2. Take on harder – Ask for the challenging assignments. Ask for things others do not want to do or people are afraid to touch. Ask for the project that the organisation wants to deliver but has failed to do so far.
  3. Row harder – The rower who wakes up in the morning and exercises the extra yards and miles develops over the years into a better performer.
  4. Set goals – As a rower you want to set goals of time, distance and difficulty. Apply the same in your project output – set goals for the output you want to create and then measure yourself over a period of time/
  5. Say Yes – To possibility, to opportunity, to challenge. Become the go to person for the organisation to take on more responsibility.

Rowers are deeply valuable and highly rewarded. They are missed when they leave and they are hard to replace. Rowers have a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that they have made a difference to others and the business by sheer dint of their effort. Rowers know that their skills will help them in any role they play in any organisation.

The best rowers can also become good captains one day. Good captains must also know how to row when needed.

Become a rower. Deliver. Execute. 

Make the boat go faster.

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