Lets share our scent and our essence with the whole universe.

Why do flowers exist ? They exist so that others can live. The only reason flowers exist is for others. Hence they are prized, valued, admired, loved and precious. Lets see what we can learn from how a flower lives it’s life.

  1. Flowers Give out Beauty – They stand bright, happy and colourful adding beauty to our world, to our lives, our homes, our weddings and our festivals. You can do this everyday. A smile to the people you meet, a “how are you” to a colleague, a compliment to your spouse are all ways to become a beautiful flower. 
  1. Flowers Give Themselves to others – The whole reason why flowers exist is to produce pollen which is then used to give birth to other flowers and plants. Flowers create life everyday. You can too. With your time, your energy, your ideas, your resources and your money. Give a little to charity, help a child get education, feed someone who is hungry, help someone pro bono without seeking help, mentor a younger persons career, take a teaching class in a subject that you know well. Give yourself to others and experience the enormous pleasure that flowers experience when they give themselves to create a new life.
  1. Flowers Partner with everyone else – To create life, flowers realise that they cannot do it alone. They need to partner with the whole universe to send the pollen to all corners of the world. They depend on the wind, on insects, on birds on virtually anyone who will partner with them. The moment we realise that our success is as a result of our relationships and inviting others to come to our help, we start to accelerate our success. We do this by actively listening to others, asking for their advice and support, inviting them to partner with us on anything we want to accomplish and acknowledging their contribution.

The flower is the ultimate creation of god’s love. Meant purely for helping others and contributing to the lives of others, flowers are the true embodiment of love. 

Lets choose to live our lives as flowers. Lets share our scent and our essence with the whole universe. That’s the only way to live a beautiful and happy life.

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