Let go of all anger. Let go of all poison. Breathe.

Anger is a strange emotion. It can appear apparently nowhere and yet in seconds can create powerful energy that can destroy lives, families and nations. In anger, terrorists kill innocents, husbands and wives argue, strangers run over each other on the street and nations wage war. Anger is an inexplicable emotion that has caused more damage to humanity than any weapon of war ever created.

So how can we get ourselves rid of this monster that causes ill will both at work and at home. To get rid of this powerful but destructive force we can follow some practices. 

See which of these below helps you rid of your anger

  1. Start to Notice and Accept Your Anger – When you get angry, try and pay attention to it. You can do so by counting five deep breaths in and out. As you do this you will start to notice your anger. Give it a colour – say red. Now watch it turn into a cloud and disappear. It might come again. See your anger emerging and accept it. Realise fully that “I am getting angry”.
  1. Breathe – Take a few deep breaths when you have recognized the anger emerging in you. Breathe deeply till you feel calmer. Relax. As you do so the anger will calm down and rest. Let it go – release the anger, see it dissipate like a cloud, emerging from the top and vanishing into the air
  1. Realise that it is self-created – Anger did not come from anywhere. It is your unconscious response to a situation. It is self-created. It is not from outside. You were not angry before the situation. Something happened on the outside and then you chose to respond with anger. 
  1. Anger is created by the false – Anger comes from the ego or from fear that is inside of us. Anger is caused by that which scares us. These changing fleeting feelings are false, untrue and unreal. Often these are inventions of the mind – worries and anxieties of the future. Once you accept the situation, the anger will disappear as well. 

Anger is poison that destroys you before it damages others. It is like a wild fire that causes damage everywhere. Let it go. Anger can only be conquered by non-anger.

The father told the angry boy to put a nail into the wall every time he was angry. He put many. Then the father asked him to pull out a nail for every day that he was not angry. He did. The father then said “look at the wall. You may have pulled out the nails but the holes remain. Anger damages things permanently.”

Let go of all anger. Let go of all poison. Breathe. 

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