Affirmations are a powerful tool to make our goals and dreams come true. Affirmations are simply positive statements made in the present moment to bring us to a positive state of mind. 

Research shows that when we state something positive in the present moment with conviction it triggers the same responses in our brain as if the event was actually taking place.

For instance “ I am happy, calm and content always” when repeated with conviction triggers the same neural pathways that were to be triggered if there was a happy event in your life – say you met a good friend or petted your cat.

Repeating affirmations with convictions can bring us closer to our goals by putting us in the right mindset to spot and act upon opportunities. 

Key is to ensure the affirmations are positive and in the present moment. 

Here are some affirmations you can try everyday for a few minutes. Sit quietly and close your eyes and state with clarity and firmness

  • I am healthy, wealthy and wise
  • I am attracting opportunities into my life
  • I am loved
  • I am losing weight and becoming healthier
  • Money comes to be easily from all directions
  • My business is growing by leaps and bounds
  • I am loved and loving
  • I give out love to all always
  • I enjoy everyday
  • I am becoming the best version of myself
  • Happiness is my natural state
  • I am always attracting ________________ ( money, love, happiness) into my life
  • I enjoy life to the fullest
  • I attract new clients everyday
  • God blesses me with abundance and joy everyday
  • My everyday is filled with love
  • I am attractive
  • I live each day with enthusiasm and courage

As you repeat these and they become second nature to you, notice how things change around you and for you. Notice how opportunities flow to you and how things start to get unlocked. As you affirm, your mental states change making you better placed to capitalize on different opportunities and unlocking them for your personal and professional growth.

Affirm everyday. Create your future with your powerful words.

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    Get your weekly doze of inspiration right in your inbox!

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