Leadership is complex. 1000s of books are written and 1000s of articles published every year. Yet there is no clear and simple guide on how to be an effective leader. 

If we ask ourselves what is the purpose of being a leader and who have been the best leaders in history. Who have made the greatest positive effects on their followers ?

Jesus, Buddha, Rama, Krishna– the great religious leaders who taught the lessons of kindness, love to others and who’s lessons are still taught to billions everyday.

Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Martin Luther King – the leaders who liberated others and got everyone the basic human rights and dignity everyone deserved.

In your own life – who are the best leaders you have worked with ? why are they great.

When all is said and done, leadership is about leading others to a better a place. A better place for them. It’s about bringing the best out of others. For their own good. 

Hence the most important job of a leader is to care about their team and their followers.

How can we all do this ?

A simple guide to being a good leader learning from the best is A.B.C

Always Benevolent and Compassionate

  • Always – No matter the situation the leader must always behave with the same compassionate and kind manner. We must remind ourselves of our duty or dharma as leaders – to lead our teams to a better place. This remains true in good times and even more true in bad times. Consistency is key. 


  • Benevolence – Benevolence means kindness. How do you measure kindness. You measure it by checking what you did for others. This can be something grand like helping support someone for a much deserved promotion or it can be something small like wishing them happy birthday and getting them cupcakes. One critical thing to realise is that no one can read your mind. Hence intentions alone do not matter. Actions do. What can you do for others everyday to make their work and /or personal lives better. Some ideas


  • Can they work from their hometown during the work from home time
  • Can you support them with materials and equipment to work from home
  • Can you send small rewards for their contributions
  • Can we wish them on their key personal milestones
  • Can we publicly recognize their good work done
  • Compassion – At the heart of it all is the habit of compassion. TO care. To feel what the other person feels by putting yourself in their shoes. How can you develop a sense of compassion. By having a simple heart to heart conversation with everyone you work with and everyone you are surrounded by
    • How are you ?
    • How is your health and life ?
    • Whats bothering you ?
    • Is there anything I can do for you ?
    • What are you looking forward to ?

Then simply listen and note. From their see what is it that you can do for them. Even giving your precious and valuable time to hear them is a precious gift. You can gift them your time.

A.B.C – Always Benevolent and Compassionate. A proven time tested way to be a great leader.

Start today. Do it for others.

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