Just as it is easy to spot a great boss it is equally easy to spot a terrible one. Except that the bosses them selves may not know and feel they are perfect. This is quite common. 

So if you are a leader of a team or in a senior position take the following quick quiz and see the answers

  1. Do you tell people what to do and then exactly how to do it as well ? eg do you define how they make powerpoint, what formats they should use. Do you layout who they should call and how to do what ? if so you are a MICRO MANAGER
  1. Do you often give feedback ? and feedback is usually a way to tell people how it can be done better or whats wrong with what they have done ? do you jump into conversations and criticize that people have done ? if so you are an OVERTLY CRITICAL BOSS
  1. Do you have a lot of ad hoc meetings ? Do you often reach out to people for things without giving them enough notice ? Do you give directions and then change your mind. Then you are a DISORGANISED Boss
  1. In big meetings and important forums do you insist on presenting ? do you put your name into key projects ? then you are  a CREDIT TAKER
  1. When shit hits the fan and there is a crisis do you step in and solve the issue or pass the responsibility to your juniors ? if so you are a PROBLEM AVOIDER
  1. Do you get angry ? do you shout  ? do you send nasty emails or messages ? are you sarcastic ? then you are a TOXIC manager
  1. Do you load on responsibilities onto your favourites and often appreciate them in favour of others ? then you are a BIASED manager

Do you see any of the 7 sins in you ? at least some of the time ?

One simple action. You don’t have to do anything dramatic   Just stop the bad behaviour for one meeting.  

Don’t criticize

Don’t take the credit

Don’t tell people how to do things

Don’t  shout or scream or send nasty messages

See the difference.  Your team wants to see you without these 7 sins.

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