The only moment of peace is here, it is now.

Ever woken up remembering there was an urgent work presentation you had to work on ? or went to sleep thinking of how you will make the payment on a bill that’s due soon ? or ever felt a pall of sadness overcome you regretting some action from the past.

We are seldom at peace, at a deep sense of blissful peace. There is always some anxiety in our mind about something. We think this is normal.

I am here to tell you it’s not. What is normal is to be at a state of blissful joy and peace, not disturbed by anxiety and regret.

Our mind exists has 2 habits that it goes back to at every possible opportunity. Both these habits cause us pain, anger, suffering and sadness.

  1. Go to the past – The mind goes to the past, searching for memories. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad. Most of the time, even with happy memories, the mind takes us down the path of regret, leaving us feeling wistful and low about the past. Mistakes we have made keep replaying like tapes in our head creating more of the same our lives.
  1. Go to the future – Our mind is brilliant at imagining the future, at create fantastic situations which provoke excitement, fear, anger and anxiety. It can start In one place and create a completely fictitious scenario that leads to worries and concerns. The worst part is that all these imaginary situations have no answer, no possible resolution. They are fake, creations of the mind.

This endless dance of past and future lies at the heart of our pain, suffering, anger and sadness in our society. The solution is simple.

Come back to now. Live in the only moment you have – the present moment. When you see the mind going into the future or into the past, notice it, let the thoughts go and bring your attention back to the present.

The present has an intensly real quality to it. One in which everything is alive, in which we are at peace, there are no illusions of the past or the future. The real is here with us in our life. 

We are one with peace, with love. No space for fear or regret or anger.

Bring your attention to now every moment. When it wanders, notice it and bring it back. Remember the past will not change and no one knows the future.

The only moment of peace is here, it is now.

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