There are many things one should not do at work – such as writing nasty messages or sending harsh emails. Despite our best intentions we are often pushed into situations where we end up using inappropriate or harsh language.

We do have a choice. We can pre think what we should say in different situations and use positive language.

Here are 101 phrases and words you should consider using at work in conversation, in meetings in emails and in messages

  1. Congrats
  2. Well done
  3. Excellent
  4. I am proud of you
  5. You can do it
  6. Brilliant Execution
  7. That is a new idea
  8. You are very creative
  9. I am sorry
  10. I am wrong
  11. Lets think about how we can do it
  12. Have you considered
  13. Do you need any support
  14. My suggestion is
  15. You decide
  16. I believe in you
  17. Love your work
  18. If you did…., results could be….
  19. What are the options
  20. I love you ( not in a romantic way)
  21. What does success look like for you
  22. How can I help you
  23. How can we minimize the risk
  24. Do you have any feedback for me…or the organisation…or others
  25. How are you feeling
  26. What do you recommend
  27. Have you taken a break recently
  28. How is your family
  29. Whats your view
  30. I need your help
  31. Have you tried…
  32. What issues are you facing
  33. Can we try a pilot…or small scale…or experiment
  34. How can we validate this idea
  35. Don’t give up
  36. I am here for you
  37. Lets do it together
  38. You are a winner
  39. You can use your talent for a bigger idea
  40. You can change the world ..the company…the future
  41. Whats your idea
  42. How would you do it 
  43. Whats your dream..vision…ambition
  44. Can you help me
  45. Lets find a solution
  46. Keep going
  47. I support you
  48. Tomorrow is a new day 
  49. Wish you success
  50. You Rock
  51. I owe you
  52. All the best

As you will notice it’s a combination of compliments, feedback and questions. You can use them in good situations and challenging ones.

Use these and add to your list.

+ve phrases make for +ve days. +ve days make +ve years.

Words can change us.

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