We make to do lists. For today or perhaps the week. We make annual targets. At work. Both for ourselves and our teams.

Most of the time when you do any of these tasks, after a few months and years you cannot remember what you did or accomplished. The tasks are too shallow, ordinary and fleeting.

There is a better way to set goals.

Goals that transform us and transform our impact on the world.

Think long term. Most great entrepreneurs and authors always thought long term. They did not care about the short term vagaries of life or the ups and downs that inevitably come. They fixed a north star that once accomplished would change everything.

You can do it too.

Think 10 years instead of 1. Think big. Think disruptive.

In 10 years what would you like to accomplish.

At work. In life. In health. 

What are the big 10 year goals you want to accomplish 

  • Become a marathon runner or an international athlete / yoga teacher 
  • Build a 100mn $ venture of your own
  • Travel to 50+ countries around the world
  • Work with charities to help 1 million people improve their lives
  • Become a best selling global author with millions of titles sold

Make your list. Then rank it on the most important things that matter to you.

If it is a challenge ask yourself 

“ if this was my last 10 years on earth, what do you want to do with this time ?”

In 10 years you can truly achieve global success and impact if you want to. You can change and impact the lives of millions and become a role model for others. You can beyond any definition you have had of yourself and become a new you.

What are your unfulfilled childhood dreams that you want to accomplish and have not done so far ? What is it that you day dream about ?

Turn that into your reality.

Craft 10 year goals. Goals that once achieved change you and change the world.

Most people over estimate what they can do in the short term and underestimate what they can do in the long term.

You can change the world. Set your new goals. 10 year goals.

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