Screen fatigue.

Zoom fatigue.

Turned the camera and sound off and started doing something else.

If it sounds familiar, it’s because it is happening to all of us. We are not design to sit in front of screens to engage each other. Endless virtual calls have left many of us disengaged and distracted leading to lower productivity and connection at work.

Solution – actively working to make each virtual connect engaging. Here are 10 proven ways you can try immediately

  1. Shorten the Meetings – The optimal length of a virtual meeting is 30-45 minutes. Any longer and it is harder and harder to hold attention and engage others. Aim to reduce average duration. If the meeting is meant to be longer adopt a 45+15 model. 45 minutes on screen, 15 minutes turn off and stretch your legs / get a coffee / go see the sky.
  2. Check In By All – Start the meetings with “how are you doing ? / how are you feeling ? / describe yourself now in 1 word ? “ or any other such check in ice breaker. Use an online polling software like mentimeter to collect so that everyone can see or simply use the chat box.
  3. Celebrate – Start or end meetings with small celebrations. These can be birthdays, anniversaries, any special successes, new project wins. Announce it, use the applause button and give out any small award.
  4. Gratitude – Select anyone who has done something good and let everyone else thank the person for their contribution. Let everyone thank each other for their contribution publicly.
  5. Opinion Poll – Take an opinion poll from everyone to get their view on topics that matter 
  6. Do a QUIZ – A Trivia quiz or one about your company and brands to help get everyone’s competitive juices flowing
  7. Do the Johari Window Exercise – Where we all discover what others think about us, what we don’t know about us – kevan.org/Johari
  8. Co Create – Brainstorm on an idea and co create solutions. Use online white board tools to make everyone involved and add ideas
  9. Drinks or Tea – Have a virtual 15-30 min break for lunch, drinks, tea or coffee. No shop talk. Just eat and chit chat together
  10. Virtual Theatre – Ask everyone to share an interesting story of something that happened to them or something they read or watched. Can do a simple story telling session or play dumb charades. You can also ask everyone to wear funny headgear when they do so or find accessories or backgrounds to make their presentation interesting

At the end collect feedback from the team – what was good about the meeting and what could have been better.

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