Life lessons from the Swami of righteousness

1.    You are immortal – You are not a body, or matter alone. You are a divine creation of god capable of doing the impossible and reaching the infinite. You are blessed with all the power within you to accomplish any goal.

2.    Faith – To bring out this power you need faith. Faith in yourself, you abilities, your capability to achieve, to grow and to realise your dreams. Say unto thyself “ I have faith in myself for I am blessed with the infinite power given by the creator”. Faith calls out the divinity within.

3.   Boldness and Strength – Strength is life, weakness Is death, BE bold, be courageous. Go forth and conquer. When in doubt, do. Never mind failures, they are quite natural, they are the lessons we must learn. Aim for the highest goals that you seek and go forth boldly. Do not stop till you get there. There is no weakness or misery except born from our illusion that we are weak. Remove that illusion. Choose to be strong. The remedy of weakness is not brooding over it but thinking of strength.

4.    Positive – Thoughts create action. Fill your mind with the highest ideals, with the noblest of thoughts. These thoughts will then create actions. Hold the highest ideal in the mind and strive for it.

5.    Will – Your will has infinite strength. Once you set yourself on a goal and do not give up, your will, your infinite strength within will carve the path to your goal. There is infinite potential inside of you. Unlock it by choosing to focus your will on your goal.

6.    Fearlessness – Be fearless. Fear leads to misery and weakness. Act fearlessly knowing the soul can do no wrong and can never fail. A pure and strong will is omnipotent.

7.    Compassion – Compassion, kindness and love are more gratifying than receiving from others. Be grateful for the opportunity to serve and to help. Take the opportunity to love and help others to a point where you and they become one. Their pain is yours and your goal is to alleviate their pain. That which is selfish is immoral, that which is unselfish is moral. Be pure and do good to others. They alone live who live for others.

8.    Love – It is the eternal law of life. Love is expansion, selfishness is contraction. Let love shine through us in every interaction we have. Let us show our love to all always. Love is the voice of god talking.

9.    Practice – Saying it is not enough. Take up one idea. Make that idea your everything. Live it, breathe it, do it. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of the body be full of that idea.

10. What one man can do, any man can do – You have the infinite potential to do what any man has done. Just choose your ideal, focus, live it, breathe it, have infinite faith, recharge yourself with thoughts of strength always.

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