All these are 10 super powerful habits. Any of them can change your day and your life. All of them when practiced well will produce a miracle.

How you start your day can define how happy and productive you are for most of that day. 

Once you build any of these 10 habits, they have been proven to enhance productivity and happiness dramatically.

Here are 10 great ways to start your day. Pick anyone to start and keep adding more as you go.

  1. Breathe – Close your eyes and sit comfortably. Now breathe deeply in and out focusing attention on the breath. Focus the mind onto the breath, every time it wanders into the past or the future. Start at a few minutes and go longer. You can do this for a minute to start with. As you get used to it expand the amount of time you focus on your breath. This can be even be a practice you can do between calls and between meetings.
  1. Meditate – Close your eyes and sit comfortably.  Focus and breathe in words that you wish to embrace – “soft”, “calm”, “love”, “joy”, “abundance”. Breathe these words in slowly and let them permeate them inside you and through you. Then breathe them out and see spread them to everyone. Spread them to your loved ones and then to everyone in the universe.
  1. Gratitude – Close your eyes and sit comfortably. Genuinely imagine a conversation thanking the universe for all the wonderful people and things in your life. Go through them one by one, feeling each wonderful person, each wonderful experience and each wonderful feeling and express gratitude for each one by one to the universe. Say thanks for everything that you are grateful for in your life.
  1. Compassion – Close your eyes and sit comfortably. Pick someone you care about. Now visualize them and their day. Feel what they feel during their day, feel what their greatest dream is, feel what their greatest pain is and think of how you can help one more person achieve their dreams and manage their pain. See them getting happier and feeling better. Transmit good feelings to them. 
  1. Prayer – Holding the omnipresent faith and love of the infinite god in your heart, pray to him/her believing your prayers will come true.
  1. Affirmation – State that which wish you seek to be as the truth. State your goals as them already having come true, describe yourself as your ideal self and do so with deep faith in the universe’s unfailing ability to make it true. Here are some powerful affirmations that you can use
    1. It’s all happening perfectly. All that happens, happens for my best
    2. I am fearless. I have all the power in the world inside of me. I do what I am afraid of. Fear is a myth – when I face it it disappears
    3. All my dreams come true
    4. I am love. I treat everyone as my equal and love them always
    5. I am 100% true to my feelings and myself
    6. I am getting healthier, happier, wiser, stronger and wealthier everyday
    7. I am blessed by god with new and amazing surprises everyday
    8. My life is full of miracles
    9. My sub conscious creates what I command it to create
    10. My Life gets more beautiful everyday
    11. I am calm, loving, happy, thankful, compassionate, honest and full of joy
    12. I believe in the infinite wisdom and perfection of god. So I don’t worry
  1. Visualisation – Close your eyes and sit comfortably. Now create the movie showing you achieving your dreams in your mind and see and feel in rich detail it coming true. See yourself get successful, lose weight and achieve fitness, fall in love, enjoy life’s rich experiences. 
  1. Exercise – Workout for upto 60 minutes every day intensively with any activity of your choice – swim, run, bike, play something, skip etc
  1. Love– Choose to be love for everyone always at all instances. Touch someone today with love – a call, a wish, a gift, a greeting, a compliment
  1. Plan – Plan every hour of your day starting with the most important things in the day

All these are 10 super powerful habits. Any of them can change your day and your life. All of them when practiced well will produce a miracle.

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