How good a leader are you!

What does your team want from you ? if you distill all the management research done on the planet it is 3 things that your team is looking from you: 

  1. Help solve problems when I bring them to you ( I have tried and I need help)
  2. Appreciate and reward the work I have done ( both the effort and the output)
  3. Feedback on how I can get better and progress

If you take the first what your team is looking for is UNLOCK. Solutions and direction on how to progress in a complex situation where they are stuck. Look back at the past 30 days and ask your self as a boss

1.Did I check in with my team to see how they are doing

2.Did I ask “how are you doing “ and “how can I help you”

8/10 managers in most companies the answer is likely to be no or not sure.

What needs to happen

  1. Daily / weekly quick check In for everyone and their boss – this can be a 5 minute phone call or a 30 minute zoom or skype call or a face to face meeting if you can. More frequent the better – if you don’t talk to your direct team atleast once a week it’s a massive issue
  2. How can I help ? where are you stuck ? what unlocks do you need – make a list – these are the things you owe your teams and work on them
  3. Root Cause of the issues – where does the team get stuck ? is there someone not helping them ? is there any resource missing ? how can this issue be unlocked permanently

Most teams will NOT share their problems. They are either scared of being seen as ineffective or feel that it will be seen as a weakness on their part. 

Only a bold brave compassionate boss will step up to say “I am here to help unlock things”.

On the feedback point keep a diary or a word file or some document to keep a record of 

  • What are they doing well
  • What could be better
  • How do you rate them on a scale of 1-10
  • To become a 10 what needs to happen

Sharing these ideas on how their performance can get better is your third role as a line manager. How often do you give positive suggestions or inputs to make your teams get better

  • Why don’t you try…
  • Have you spoken to…
  • Did you consider..
  • Let me show you…
  • There are a few people who have done this before…have u spoken to them

Now ask yourself at the end of each day 

  • What are the number of unlocks per day you brought your team
  • What are the number of ideas per day you brought your team

Get started.

Your team needs Unlocks. Your team needs Ideas.

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